Mobile Recording at its finest, UR Mobile provides the highest quality mobile video and audio recording for a great price. Mobile recording for all types of projects including: Live show recording, Multitrack recording of bands on location, orchestra/choir recording, and corporate event recording. (Trade show keynote presentations, etc.)

Tracking on location allows our clients to remain budget focused while ensuring the highest quality capture of their event. We can mix this on the fly, or take the tracks back to our professional studios for mixing and mastering.

Corporate events, keynote addresses, podcasts and lectures can be captured and converted into small files for internet delivery. 

Choir recording is provided on-site where the performers are most comfortable. Our multi-tracking system is able to simultaneously capture instruments and voices in your Church or Hall, preserving the natural sound and performance. We can then mix and master the project at our studios in Chicago. You'll end up with a great product that you can sell for fundraising and future recordings.

Piano recitals, college a cappella groups, and band/orchestras can now have pristine recordings of their performances for documentation or sale/fundraising. 

Mobile Studio


  • Pro Tools 12HD Software
  • MacBook Pro Quad Core i7 
  • 2 Universal Audio Apollo 24bit/192khz interface with onboard inline plug-in processing for high end tracking. 30 simultaneous inputs.
  • Preamps by: Universal Audio, Focusrite, ART, SM Pro Audio
  • Microphones by: Shure, Heil Sound, t.bone, and more.
  • Cameras by Sony and Cannon (1080PHD and 4K available)

We can implement video transfers and photo/video slide shows for special events, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. We can create everlasting memories digitized and set to music in a slide show/video format, printed to DVD or Blu-Ray.

Story Time: Allow us to record you or an elderly loved one reading bedtime or other stories to be played for future generations. Imagine children or grandchildren being tucked in with a story read by a distant or passed loved one. This is a also a great way to preserve family histories as told by the family members themselves.


Audio Rates:

  • Remote Live Location recording: $50/hr (3 hr minimum includes setup and teardown)
  • Overdubs done at Chicago's Uptown Recording: $75/hr
  • Mixing and Mastering at Chicago's Uptown Recording: $75/hr
  • On site band multitrack Recording: $250 per song (3 Song minimum mixing and mastering at Uptown Recording in Chicago included)
  • Please inquire about package deals for demo/EP recordings.
  • Photo/Video slide show presentation: call or email for pricing
  • Story Time: call or e-mail for pricing.

Video Rates: Email for project quotes